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ElectorScan is the market leading Postal Vote Identifier Checking Software. It has been delivering successfully since 2007 and has evolved with client ideas.

Not only does it automatically check postal voting statement signatures and dates of birth with no cropping and clipping, it also allows you (if you wish) to scan, match and reconcile ballot papers in order to produce a fully accurate Marked Register, Form K and monitor who has voted.

The system recognises any number of postal vote application and postal voting statement styles automatically with no action required from the user.

Producing communications on electors who have been rejected is quick and easy to use.

ElectorScan 7 was rewritten from scratch in 2016 and is faster, more robust and integrated tightly with our software suite, yet still offering the flexibility to be used on physical networks, virtual networks and standalone laptops. It’s the most flexible and advanced version we have written but still keeps the simplicity to use and the compounded experience of all our users at the heart. It contains a range of tools to load data from any EMS system, commercial or inhouse. Democracy Counts is the only supplier to support data from every vendor and 3 in-house systems in the UK. It is also optimised to autoload data from Elector8 Registration systems.


ElectorScan recognises and matches signatures and dates of birth from Postal Voting Statements with source reference data and with the option of scanning and matching corresponding Ballot Papers.


ElectorScan makes the verifying process very quick and simple. The user is able to conduct the postal vote verification process in numerous ways meaning that we, as a vendor, aren't prescribing the process. This leads to a much more efficient operation as it is possible to separate roles, allowing them to be resourced for maximum efficiency.

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