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Elector8 is our comprehensive, electoral registration and elections management system (EMS). It is based on a proven EMS platform, which has been fully redeveloped and extended to provide several unique features and benefits using cutting edge technology, making it the most modern, flexible and user friendly system in the UK today. We have gone way beyond just compliance and developed a powerful communications system that is years ahead of any other vendor in the market. Our industry-leading Electoral Management System, Elector8, is now the first EMS that is available to electoral administrators in the UK as a fully-hosted service.


Simplify your Election Management through Automation

Automate your day to day activities for electoral registration and election management, with automated communications to all stakeholders. Modernise your election processes, saving 50% on administration time & reducing and/or freeing some of your core staff.


Customisation - Your Way Your Process

With so much flexibility built into Elector8 with workflows, you get to decide how you want to run your canvass and elections. We can design and customise your processes for you so that you are up and running from day one


Unlocking Productivity through Self Service Portals

Elector8 Portal containing Staffing Portal, Candidate & Agents Portal, Citizen Portal & Polling Station Portal is the gateway to efficiency: reduce time, increase impact. It is designed to streamline your staffing recruitment, nominations process, and booking polling stations.


Integration:Where your Systems and Data Converge

2 way integration means everything in one place for superior performance. Elector8 integrates with Gov.Notify, Gazetteer systems (LLPG, Shape files), email service, IERDS, ERO Portal, Council data sets, HMRC, HR systems, Microsoft Office, and Google Workspace


Your Elections in the Cloud Anytime, Anywhere

No extra IT costs, quicker upgrades, greater flexibility, additional security and more up-time: Elector8 Hosted is the latest way in which we are continuing to modernise electoral administration in the UK. To find out more please click here

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