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Elector Scan

ElectorScan is the market leading Postal Vote Scanning & Management solution. It has been delivering successfully since 2007, playing a crucial role in facilitating postal vote opening sessions. ElectorScan streamlines the process by digitising, verifying, and efficiently managing the process. It also prioritises security, transparency, and compliance, enhancing the overall user experience and preserving the integrity of the postal vote opening process.


Scan PVAs & Ballot Papers

ElectorScan automatically recognises and matches signatures and date of births from Postal Vote Statements with the option of scanning and matching corresponding ballot papers in order to produce a fully accurate marked register.


Verify & Adjudicate

Enable two or three stage adjudication makes the verifying process very quick and simple. The solution recognises any number of postal vote application and postal vote statement templates automatically.


Automatic Updates to Elector8

Complete end to end integration with Elector8 means automated updates in real time. Producing communications on postal voters who have been rejected is quick and easy.


Postal Vote Managed Service

ElectorScan can be deployed at your premises where we can expertly manage your postal vote opening sessions. We handle everything from equipment, staffing to ElectorScan setup, at your location. Providing convenience at your doorstep. 

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