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About Democracy Counts

Established in 2009, Democracy Counts is a leading provider of state of the art electoral management software, support services and training to the UK Government and local authorities across England, Scotland and Wales - as well as managed referendums and ballot services to public, private and community organisations.

We cover every stage of the election process - including registration, preparation of polling schemes, planning, nominations, printing and mailing, production of election stationery, postal voting, risk evaluation, counting and declaration of results.






We have the systems, processes, breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and experience to deliver a "closed loop" solution to support you through the election cycle. We already provide both print and mail production of election stationery as well as election management and postal vote software to UK local authorities, NHS Trusts and private business.

Our Elector Centre suite of products, the software underpinning our electoral services, has been developed using market leading technology. They are modular, scaleable and fully integrated, providing the most extensive range of democratic software solutions available in the world.

Our system is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of IER and Elections Act, responsive to the needs of those who manage and administer elections.  We want to make elections increasingly secure, reliable, simpler and more cost-effective to organise, manage and deliver - and to make the voting experience as straightforward and reliable as possible.

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Our Mission: World Class Software backed by World Class Services

Democracy Counts recognises that the democratic process is crucial to our way of life. We will provide high quality niche products and services that saves time, and cost, whilst increasing both security and transparency to our client’s business process. ​

​Democracy Counts is the business that truly understands the end to end business processes that affect the Democratic and Elections Cycle. Consequently, our products and solutions are aimed at driving efficiencies in the processes through continuous improvement, whilst providing fully audited Management Information, and subsequent security. We will leverage the experience of our clients and our staff, in order to provide excellence in Customer Service and Innovative Development in order to achieve our aspirations of ‘World Class’ status. 

Our TED Values

At Democracy Counts, we live our core values in everything we do to create a culture where our people thrive. We are:

Trust is created from behaviours of  Empathy, Respect, Ownership & Accountability, Managing Expectations, Honesty and Reliability


Expertise involves Knowledge Sharing, Learning & Development, Self-Reflection, Communication and Self Sufficient


Drive involves being Adaptable, Quality & Improvement Focussed/World Class, Effective, Collaboration and Engaged

Sectors We Work With

We work with a variety of companies and organisations across the public and private sectors. We are recognised as market leaders in the provision of ballot and election services, specialising in online and offline elections and registration. Our software is the most advanced and extensive suite of election and voter registration services available in the world. We are appointed by all types and sizes of organisations and are trusted by UK Government in an ongoing Cabinet Office contract.

We can assist you in all your democratic processes: for example assisting in holding a ballot, election, vote, survey or referendum. This may involve fewer than a hundred voters or several hundred thousand. Our impartial administration and management guarantees the integrity and independence of the process and delivers a result in which electors have confidence.

Sectors we work in

What We've Done

- First to deliver Election Act Changes & only supplier providing private beta environment to clients

- Scotland & Wales divergent functionalities

- Automated Communications

- First Client in the UK for our Hosted SaaS Solution

- First International Client deploying Elector8, solidifying our World Class status

- First to launch Citizen Self Service Portal

What we do

World Class Support of World Class Software

Like our own electoral management system and services, democracy itself needs constantly to evolve. We respond to the ever-changing threats of cyber-attack and fraud, and embrace the enhanced opportunities that technology provides for increasing voter registration and participation.

World Class Support

Fast Performance

Built on the most modern platform in the market Elector8 offers significantly faster processing speeds. Extracts run in seconds with no need for others to log out.

Online Support

We understand the importance of accessible and timely support in the dynamic world of elections, and we're committed to providing the assistance you need, when you need it.

Top Security

We place your election's security as a top priority. That's why we are proud to hold Cyber Essentials Plus, which underscores our commitment to safeguarding your electoral data and processes.


Said Good


Weren't so sure


Overall Happiness

GDPR Compliant Software

With the improvements to the security and rights extended by GDPR, it's important to understand how your suppliers, process and systems will comply. As the vendor that has held more relevant accreditation for the longest time we can provide you the peace of mind you need in ensuring compliance with GDPR.

We guarantee that our solution has security built in by design to mitigate the need for the manual support of the provisions. 


Want to Change Your EMS Supplier?

Elector8 software delivers functionality that would take other suppliers years to develop and deploy. We are constantly pushing innovation ahead of our competitors who are still working on compliance. We were the first to introduce self service for staff in 2012, the first to introduce tablets for canvassing Pre IER 2014, we were the first to introduce the use of shape files for quick boundary reviews in 2015, we were the first to pilot e-Poll Cards in 2016 inline with Cabinet Office Guidelines, our Candidate Portal and Citizen App are unique in the market. 

Authorities who have seen Elector8 and benchmarked against their existing systems agree that it is years, if not decades ahead of other software in the market. Benefit from the technology leader now, backed by the best support in the industry – Demand Democracy Counts.

Our competitors are playing catch up, but our decision to build on a platform 15-20 years newer allows us to develop multiple times faster and most importantly much more safely. Our competitors will be always looking to Democracy Counts for ideas.

At Democracy Counts we believe in 'Different not Difficult'. Even the way we demonstrate is different. With its many unique features, and still the only Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the market to support your numerous communications. We guarantee that what you see can't then be 'Unseen'.

We guarantee that our solution will have more useful features than any of our competitors AND you will always get support when you need it. If you haven't seen why Elector8 is the fastest growing EMS in the country book a demonstration now.

Change Your EMS Supplier


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