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eValu8 is our cloud hosted valuation and ratings system written to support the import work of the Assessor.  It efficiently manages a range of core activities:

- Valuation of a wide range of subjects based upon the best practice valuation note guidelines such as Industrial, Contractor, Office, Shops, Shooting rights etc

- Residential Council Tax technical details and banding

- Survey Card Management 

- Representations

- Proposals and Appeals workflow for both Domestic and Non-Domestic Subjects

- Rental Analysis

- Automated Revaluation Process to significantly streamline the process of a full revaluation 

- Multiple Proprietor and Agent Support for bulk update of subjects

- Civil Penalty, enforcement and Collections Support

- Comprehensive data audit support

- Import of Assessor Information Notice Returns Data

- Import of Planning, Building Warrants and Completion Certificate

- Import of Land Registry, House Sales and Sassines data

- Integrated Communications Management and automated notice production

- Integrated Document Management System

- Integrated Reporting and Export Management

- Integrated Azure Multi-Factor Security

- Integrated Google Maps 

- Integration to Elector8, Electoral Management System

- Interface to Finance/Collection Systems

Please contact us for more information and a demonstration 

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