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Elector8 is our comprehensive, electoral registration and elections management system (EMS). It is based on a proven EMS platform, which has been fully redeveloped and extended to provide several unique features and benefits using cutting edge technology, making it the most modern, flexible and user friendly system in the UK today. We have gone way beyond just compliance and developed a powerful communications system that is fully compliant and years ahead of any other vendor in the market. 

Our industry-leading Electoral Management System, Elector8, is now the first EMS that is available to electoral administrators in the UK as a fully-hosted service.

With changes coming to the way EMS systems connect to the GDS via PSN, now is the ideal time to start future-proofing your electoral services operations with Elector8 Hosted. No extra IT costs, quicker upgrades, greater flexibility, additional security and more up-time: Elector8 Hosted is the latest way in which we are continuing to modernise electoral administration in the UK. To find out more please click here

Elector8 does the 'donkey work' automatically leaving you and your team to perform the value added tasks of finding new electors and verifying them.  Elector8 was the first EMS software to offer self service for staff in 2012, then we introducred self service for candidates and agents in 2015 and finally citizens in 2018. By allowing stakeholders to self serve your team will be managing by exception rather than the rule. 

Elector8 will adapt and evolve to suit your processes in whatever form they take. Important features that will benefit you from day one include:

  • Create intelligent, automated communication through the use of workflows.

  • Full integration with Gov.Notify for lower cost communications

  • Self service in staffing, candidates / agents and citizens

  • Save 50% on administration time during canvass.

  • Automate your monthly updates sent to interested parties.

  • Print ballot box reports in matched sets.

We understand that the 2020 canvass reform changes brought new challenges for electoral services teams. That's why we ensured our Canvass Reform software changes were released to our customers in June 2020, having been through extensive user-testing in the months before this. This has given sufficient time for our customers to be trained on the new functionality and become familiar and comfortable with the changes before commencing their uploads to Cabinet Office.

We haven't just delivered the scope of the required legislative changes, we've gone further: with Elector8 you can chart the cost of your canvass in real-time and even make projections on potential savings through modelling the use of different engagement processes.

Just as with IER in 2014, we were the first EMS supplier to deliver these changes to our clients - allowing them more time to focus on the delivery planning of the new canvass in 2020.

We believe in simple pricing, you don't have to be an accountant to work out what you will be paying each year. Everything you need to run your department efficiently is included in your annual Licence / Support costs: Authority Wide Licence, Electoral Registration, 2-Way Multi Channel Communication, Election Management, Postal Vote Verification, Integrated Scanning Licences, Elector8 Lite - Call Centre Version, Data Matching, Data Mining / Analytics, Gazetteer Integration, Shape File Integration, Project Management, Hundreds of Reports / Notices, Staff Portal for Self Service, Candidate Portal, Report Scheduling / Ballot Box Issue, Count Plan Designer, Superior Data Security, Report Builder, HMRC Compliance for RTI, Online Help and Market Leading Support.

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