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Investing in our people

Over the past six months we’ve received our Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, won three business awards and been nominated for a further two. Without doubt, however, the achievement of which we’re most proud is this week’s confirmation that Democracy Counts has been awarded Investors in People status.

As a business, we know our greatest asset is our staff. We are therefore delighted that our commitment to them has been recognised by the IIP examiners.

In our feedback report, special praise was highlighted for the following areas:

· Our clear purpose and vision in place which people understand

· An improved performance management system

· Recognition that people are given ownership and responsibility of their roles

· Effective team working across the organisation

· People’s learning and development needs are supported

· The senior team have a commitment to continuously improving how people are led and managed

As with everything at Democracy Counts though, we won’t be standing still. Planning is already underway for achieving the next stages of IIP accreditation.

These are indeed exciting times for everyone at Democracy Counts.


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