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Democracy Counts picks up double business award

Warrington based electoral services company Democracy Counts is celebrating being named the winner in the ‘Best Innovation’ category at the 2020 Best Business Awards. The company’s CEO, Simon Verdon, was also named ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur’ at the same awards.

This double win follows an earlier award picked up this year by Simon Verdon at the Global Business Excellence Awards for his work in modernising electoral software and processes in the UK, bringing Democracy Counts' awards total in 2020 to three.

Established in 2009, Democracy Counts is a leading provider of state of the art electoral management software, support services and training to the UK Government and local authorities across England, Scotland and Wales - as well as managed referendums and ballot services to public, private and community organisations.

Making the ‘Best Innovation’ award, the Chairman of the Judges, Sir Michael Lockett, said:

“Democracy Counts has brought the electoral process into the 21st century by introducing innovative electoral management software to local authorities and central government; and referendum and ballot services to private and community organisations. By identifying a gap in the market and developing a suite of innovative products, Democracy Counts has modernised an area that amazingly had been untouched by new technology. Democracy Counts has taken the market by storm and won itself a large number of long-standing major public sector clients and improved public engagement and participation in the democratic process.”

Commenting on the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur’ award, Sir Michael also said:

“Founder of electoral software company Democracy Counts Simon Verdon is one of the UK’s most dynamic entrepreneurs who has modernised the voting process. You could say Simon has transformed British democracy through the introduction of his cutting-edge electoral software such as anti-fraud checks for postal votes and his online Elector Centre suite of products.”



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