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Educ8 - Learning Management System

As Educ8 is a Learning Management System (LMS), not just an elections trainer, it comes pre-loaded with Canvasser training as well as Polling Staff training and a full range of professional content. It’s always switched on so can cover by-elections, it is customisable so can be changed by you to make it fresh and relevant to your own circumstances. This means you could use it just before polling day to receive measurable assurance that all is well, or start to use it at canvass time knowing that as a 12 month license it will cover next year’s elections as a matter of course and numerous other learning opportunities in the meantime.

*Now with new content for the 2020 Canvass* 

We recognise that shifting to a telephone-based canvass in 2020 requires a different set of skills than traditional canvassing. We are therefore delighted to have partnered with author, trainer and coach, Jos Burton, to create an online Educ8 course specifically on telephone canvassing. It’s aimed at all levels of user – from those phoning electors for the first time, to experienced call centre operatives.  


This new course covers:

  • the importance of first impressions

  • building rapport and establishing trust

  • active listening

  • gathering information

  • dealing with difficult calls


The scope and content of the course means that this new module can even be rolled out more widely amongst your full-time electoral services or contact centre staff.  


Democracy Counts likes clear simple pricing. We are offering you a 12 month Educ8 licence from just £5000 which will provide content for all your learners. As this is a 12 month licence it covers any by-elections or snap elections / referenda that may be called.


We offer 20 minute web based demonstrations at a time that suits you, so you don’t even need to leave your desk to see how Educ8 can benefit you.

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