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Origin8 Print Composition


We have used our profound print knowledge to help our clients speed up the proofing process. Democracy Counts have introduced Print Composition and Real Time Proofing into Elector8 for our Print Clients 


For editing – You can select the pre-loaded templates from Elector8 for amending texts and fields for Poll Cards, Ballot Books, Postal Vote Packs (PVS, Outer Envelope, Envelope A and B and Illustrative guide) etc.  You can also create your own or import DOCX version into Elector8


Take away the pain cycle of providing artwork drafts, waiting for your print supplier to produce live proofs, manipulate your data, send this across to you, for you to see an obvious error and then start the whole process again!


Instead have the complete control of producing Print Ready PDFs straight from the system and send this securely directly to your print supplier. 


Major Benefits


  • Create, edit and proof everything yourself ahead of time

  • Save your department in administrative time and costs

  • Save templates so instant proofs are created in a time critical period

  • Have complete control with minimised third party errors

Product Media

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