ElectorCount Results

ElectorCount Results

ElectorCount Results

ElectorCount Results is an interactive and visually rich way of presenting your count progress and election results. It can be used in a stand-alone environment or integrate with other products in our ElectorCentre suite and is a simple and powerful way to display results in the count venue, or indeed online to the outside world. 

Using proven web technology, we provide access to our web-based system of results display, which is accessed with your own personal web address (PURL). The site is fully customisable and can be personalised to suit your corporate branding.

It contains, as standard, a range of powerful animated charts and displays which include:

  • Gains and losses

  • Turnout by area or ballot box

  • Votes received by channel

  • Electoral Area information with previous and current trends

  • Candidate profile and progress

  • Results declaration

It can work alongside Authentic8, our polling station tablet solution, to allow the speedier display of information from ballot boxes as soon as they arrive at the count venue - saving any additional data entry for your count venue staff. 

Its integration with Authentic8 also allows staff to take the power of the solution to the count floor and add verification totals and mini-counts information - thereby increasing the transparency of your count and further ensuring candidate, agent and citizen confidence in your count processes.

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