Citizen Portal

Citizen Portal

We have now embarked on the citizen account journey where we are happy to consult and provide you with options to get the best out of a citizen account. We are the first and currently only Electoral Management Software supplier that can link your electoral registration database to a Citizen Account. 

We can offer a stand-alone electoral administration only solution, we can contribute to an existing Citizen Account or can use our solution as the principal platform with other Council Departments contributing to it. As the largest single source of trustworthy data held by a local authority, the Electoral Register is a great tool for driving citizen recruitment and retention to your Citizen Account.


By linking the Electoral Register to a citizen portal you can offer self-service and digital transformation to the authority’s most paper dependant departments.

Benefits to the Council include:

  • Considerable cost and time savings on administration  

  • A reduced amount of phone calls for each service involved

  • An accurate and complete database of your citizens in the area

  • Higher levels of Customer Satisfaction

  • Digital by default across all public-facing services

Your citizens will benefit from:

  • 24/7 access to all services provide by the local authority

  • A local look-up service to check any target service status

  • The ability to upload documents/images

  • Download and upload application forms or complete them online

  • Low-cost intelligent communication from you

  • Notifications for any campaigns/news you wish to provide to them

Our new integration between Authentic8 and our Citizen Portal also allows local authorities to identify and contact voters who may have been in the polling station at the same time as someone who has subsequently tested positive for COVID-19, making elections safer and ensuring that the health and safety of voters remains paramount.

Democracy Counts are currently listed on G-Cloud 11 and Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 frameworks. We can offer a wealth of professional consultancy and experience in running the citizen accounts for any sized local authority.

If you have your own portal, no problem, you can surface Electoral Data using our Elector8Connect product which exposes hundreds of API methods and is provided with a sandbox and swagger documentation.

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