Polling Station Management

Support all of your polling station management activities using Authentic8. 

Authentic8 allows you to record the issue of ballot papers, manage voter ID inspection, mark Registers, mark CNL's, conduct polling station inspections and track ballot boxes on the way to the count - allowing you to plan your count in a more informed manner.

It also provides perfect synchronisation with Elector8 for election day clerical errors and real-time turnout information. These features are also available to clients not on the Elector8 platform. 

It collects information about postal votes handed into the polling station - allowing you to proactively identify, collect and process these on election day - meaning that there are no long delays when it comes to the count. 

New functionality now includes a COVID-19 'track and trace' integration with our Citizen App, to allow you to identify and contact voters who may have been in the polling station at the same time as someone who has subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.

Count Management

You can help manage your count  by allowing your issuing count instructions to the tablets. These tablets then link to your top table to allow you real-time access to what is happening at your count. 

It also synchronises to ElectorCountResults to provide even greater levels of information and transparency to those in attendance at the count, or following progress remotely, on turnout levels at polling station level.

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