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At Democracy Counts Ltd. we currently provide professional electoral services and state of the art election management software to public authorities across the UK as well as managed referendums and ballot services to public, private and community orginisations.

Democracy Counts is recognised as a leading provider of electoral software and services including preparation of polling schemes, planning, nominations, printing and mailing, production of election stationery, postal voting, risk evaluation, counting and declaration of results.

We have the systems, processes, breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and experience to deliver a "closed loop" solution to support you through the election cycle. We already provide both print and mail production of election stationery as well as election management and postal vote software to UK local authorities, NHS Trusts and Private business.

Our Elector Centre suite of products, the software underpinning our electoral services, has been developed using market leading technology. They are modular, scalable and fully integrated, providing the most extensive range of democratic software solutions available in the world.

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