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"Democracy Counts are the front runners in leading the EMS systems for the future. They are lightyears ahead of other EMS systems out there at the present time."

Jon Huck - Democratic Services Manager

"The printing and publication of registers takes a very, very short time. We're talking about minutes rather than hours, like the product that we previously used. "

Judith Swarbrick - Electoral Services


"Normally we are quite pressurised in our working environment in the run up to an election and I think this will make such a difference to the administration of the elections."

Carolyn Given - Elections Administrator

"The Elector8 training was excellent. The training was very good, very personable. It kept you engaged throughout the process. The system itself seemed to do lots of things you would expect of a computer system, it was very intuitive."

Peter McDonald - Solicitor


"They knew more about the constitution than I did, and they guided me through the process."

Caroline Burgin - Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

"The service was great, really supportive. They would remind me if there was anything I hadn't done or needed to do, and the days that I had to do certain things to make sure we'd published everything correctly, so it was a really transparent process."


"What can I say - the service and expertise was outstanding!"

"With a multi-channel voting option it was essential that each person could only vote once. Democracy Counts achieved this without any problems or glitches - amazing!"


"Democracy Counts are the leading lights in the EMS Industry. Now I am using Elector8, it makes all other systems seem like dinosaurs. What used to take me days, is now completed in seconds."


"Their software is very quick and Easy to use and is backed by great service. Their tools are unique in the industry and are a great way to save unnecessary postage."


"My team appreciate the assistance that you and your colleagues provide in respect of both Elector8 and ElectorScan. Your input and assistance in respect of the process contributed greatly to the smooth running of the whole election process. I look forward to working with you again in the future."


"I can’t recommend Democracy Counts more, their service was proactive, professional and comprehensive and I look forward to working with them again.

The customer service from Democracy Counts is first class and expert technical support is always available when required"


"Excellent Products - Upgrades & new releases activated in minutes, clear, precise, dependable. An invaluable tool for managing this growing area of election processes. The only thing better is the Customer service which backs it up. Every customer is valued, a real 24/7 service where the contractor understands your needs and delivers first time every time. Great products backed by magnificent service & experience - a winning combination"


"As our time was limited, we were concerned that our experience might be rushed, however, we were guided through the process with patient professionalism and our community was impressed with the clarity of information presented and questions asked. We would have no hesitation in using Democracy Counts in future as the advice and service given was exemplary."


"Using the ElectorScan software to verify postal votes, we successfully verified just under 20,000 postal votes at the recent Election. The system is efficient, reliable and is easily understood by staff. The success of the software was a key component in our ability to keep on top of each days delivery and finish the verification process in full by the end of each day. What makes this product so valuable is the support behind it. Using the software means we work with a team of people at Democracy Counts who want to hear our comments and suggestions and who want to keep improving the product."

"The software gets better after every election for this reason I know I will be taking advantage of the next round of improvements - ideas that have come straight from the users. The Customer Service delivered by the Democracy Counts team is truly exceptional. They listen, understand and act quickly. They understand elections and the pressures on election staff. This is priceless when faced with high pressure situations during an election. Making things easy for customers and finding a way to get things done the way customers want them done appears to be their guiding principals"