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Our Service Commitment

Democracy Counts' aim is simple: To provide our clients with world class Customer Service.
This is reflected in our Mission Statement:

"Democracy Counts recognises that the democratic process is crucial to our way of life. We will provide high quality niche products and services that save time, and cost, whilst increasing both security and transparency to our clients' business process.

Democracy Counts is a business that truly understands the end to end business processes that affect the Democratic and Elections Cycle. Consequently, our products and solutions are aimed at driving efficiencies in the processes through continuous improvement, whist providing fully audited management information, and subsequent security. We will leverage the experience of our clients and our staff in order to provide excellence in Customer Service and innovative development in order to achieve our aspirations of ‘World Class’ status."

Directors' Commitment

Democracy Counts will act responsibly at all times and will uphold this Service Commitment.

We will treat you with courtesy and care as our client. We will listen to your ideas and feedback and do the best to service your needs.

We will maintain excellent relationships with you and your team.

We will not be complacent with our products and services and will look to deliver innovation with common sense on an ongoing basis.

We will act with your best interests at the heart of what we do and will always be mindful of data security and transparency.

Our staff will be available when you need us and will never become uncontactable at key times.

We will deliver accurate registration and data collection and safe and transparent elections.

Service Overview

Democracy Counts prides itself in the production of high quality election products, to support this we provide the following services:

  • Consultancy on Communication, Participation, Engagement or Electoral Matters
  • Managed Service Ballots
  • Planning, Design and Document Production
  • Software Development relating to the Democratic Lifecycle
  • Software Installation & Technical Support
  • Project Management

Project Management & Structure

Democracy Counts runs all its projects using the Prince2 & APM project methodology that includes dedicated project team roles. People assigned to these roles and responsibilities make up the Democracy Counts Project Team. A Project Manager is allocated to each client. Whilst the Project Manager may have a portfolio of clients, the Project Manager will have no more than 3 Active Managed Service Projects, or alternatively 6 Active Software or Print related Projects. The Project Manager will have the support of Account Administration & Technical Support.

Service Delivery & Project Reviews

Democracy Counts recognises that we operate in a “no fail” sector. Any instances of project failure would result in damage to both our clients' reputation and our business and therefore it is in the interests of all stakeholders for our projects to be delivered successfully.

We will ensure that we hold face to face meetings with our clients where appropriate but no less than at the start and the end on a project in order initiate a project and conduct a service review/lessons learned review. Listening to our clients is very important to us and we have a mechanism in place to review our projects in order to support our desire for continuous improvement.

We of course wish to be immediately available to our clients, however we recognise that there are times when this may not happen. However we will commit to the following standards:


At any point in time, a client or a member of the Democracy Counts team, can escalate an issue or risk within the Democracy Counts Project Structure. Any escalation will be reflected in the project issues & risk log. All staff are issued with mobile phones that are kept switched on at all times and will be available to our staff and to our clients as necessary. Clients are given their escalation routes within the business to the board of Directors.

Product Development

Democracy Counts’ election products are all developed in-house, by our highly skilled team. Through the complementary use of our ElectorCentre suite of software products, we are also able to offer market leading and cost effective software and print composition solutions that not only deliver to but exceed our clients' requirements.

We promise that we will always deliver products and services in compliance with legislative requirements but will also exceed these by using our experience and the experience of our clients to build solutions that continue to modernise the service.

Data Migration

Democracy Counts will treat all of your information and data in a confidential manner. It will be handled with care and consideration.

Accuracy and security are our primary concerns.

We will migrate your data to agreed standards and timeframes and will conduct “dry runs” and involve you in user acceptance testing in order to give you the confidence to proceed. You will remain in control of the process, although as a professional organisation we will lead you safely through the project and at all times will act responsibly.

Listening to You

We will send you monthly service reports showing you any task you have raised, their priority and action taken, visit you every 2 months, maintain an ongoing Account Plan, reviewed quarterly, and hold annual user groups. We will be flexible in our dealings with you.


You will not have to be popular to get enhancements. No need to vote or canvass users- Just ask.

Membership and Professional/Regulatory Bodies

As a business, Democracy Counts hold ISO 9001 for processes and procedures and ISO 27001 for data security and IEE829 for its Testing Processing. All our client facing staff/Support Staff are undergoing AEA Certification. Our programmers are Microsoft Developers. Our testers are qualified to BCS ISTQB.

We hold IS014001 for Environmental Management and are the only business in the industry with IS022301 for Business Continuity Management.

Our projects are run to Prince 2 Standards as this gives us a documented and consistent standard of quality.

We are key suppliers to the Cabinet Office and are the first to pass Confirmation Dry Run and Verification. We are members of the Electoral Commission Supplier Groups for software and printing and are all members of the AEA (Association of Electoral Administrators).

For more information contact Democracy Counts on 01925 320888 or via email at sales@democracycounts.co.uk