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Sectors We Serve

We work with a variety of companies and organisations across the public and private sectors. We are recognised as market leaders in the provision of ballot and election services, specialising in online and offline elections and registration. Our software is the most advanced and extensive suite of election and voter registration services available in the world. We are appointed by all types and sizes of organisations and are trusted by UK Government in an ongoing Cabinet Office contract.

We can assist you in all your democratic processes: for example assisting in holding a ballot, election, vote, survey or referendum. This may involve fewer than a hundred voters or several hundred thousand. Our impartial administration and management guarantees the integrity and independence of the process and delivers a result in which electors have confidence. Depending on the specific characteristics of the sector and any associated rules and legislation, typical assignments include:

  • Leadership or board elections
  • Employee representative elections
  • Proxy voting
  • Membership votes
  • Independent scrutiny of an AGM
  • Housing ballots
  • Election of pension scheme trustees
  • Board of governor elections
  • Community consultations
  • Independent audience vote verification

For our clients in Local Government, to support Electoral Registration Officers and Returning Officers to conduct an efficient election, we provide the specialist supplies and services they need to facilitate parliamentary, local and European elections and Referendums.

These include:

  • Elector8- Elections Registration and Management Software
  • Automated registration services
  • Canvass forms
  • Poll cards
  • Ballot papers
  • Postal ballot packs
  • Postal Vote scanning, matching and verification
  • Counting

We provide our clients with expert advice and guidance at every stage of the election process. Our qualified consultants and project managers ensure that the appropriate processes and procedures are strictly adhered to. Our comprehensive election and balloting service, provides everything you need to conduct a successful election which is secure, accurate, timely and completed with minimum disruption.

We offer the following voting methods:

  • Postal
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • SMS

On completion of the entire process we provide our clients with an Independent Scrutineer’s Report, which is made available to all those involved, ensuring the ballot results are transparent and accepted by both winners and losers.

Below is a small selection of sectors we serve and typical work:

  • Housing
  • LSVT ballots
  • SSVT ballots
  • ALMO ballots
  • TMO/EMB ballots
  • Tenant Board elections
  • Trade Unions
  • General Secretary elections
  • Industrial Action ballots
  • Union recognition ballots
  • Charities
  • Political Parties and Membership Organisations Leadership elections
  • Membership votes
  • Council elections
  • Committee elections
  • Local Authority Services
  • Referenda

As a specialist software development company and elections consultancy, we support your processes at every stage.

Elector8- Election Registration and Management Software

Multi-channel Electoral Registration (Telephone, Internet, Text)

We will help you with each stage of the process including:

  • Database construction and solutions
  • Membership recruitment programs
  • Pre-election, mid-election and post election communications
  • Community awareness campaigns
  • Migration of members from postal communications to e-communications
  • Candidate training and post election representative training