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Tablet Canvassing Solution

Particip8 Overview

With the introduction of IER, Democracy Counts recognises that local authorities are being tasked with carrying out a more resource intensive process. The IER process means that you are moving from tracking households, to tracking households and every elector within that household at varying stages. You will have to contact and communicate with your electors to a much greater extent, and the audit trail and management requirements of this process will only become more difficult.

    • Canvassing

      The canvassing process is simplified by managing HEFs & ITRs in one step. The canvassers can get more greens and keep track of where each individual elector is up to in the IER process.

    • Polling Station Management

      Particip8 has been further developed to enable its users to execute polling station management activities. This includes the marking of the register and ballot box tracking using the tablets built in GPS.

    • Security

      As no data is stored on the device, this means there is a significantly lower chance of personal information being lost or stolen.

    • Real Time Statistics

      EROs can log into the Particip8 Portal and run reports to review the performance of canvassers and the data that they have collected in real time as soon as it's happened.

Particip8 Features

Democracy Counts has developed a Mobile Canvassing Solution that will enable you to manage the HEF and ITR process in one seamless step. Although the financial business case is compelling, we believe the primary benefits of the solution are improved data security and a simplified communication workflow management process – With the introduction of IER, the risk of data theft and fraud has greatly increased due to the fact that canvassers are potentially capturing national insurance numbers & dates of birth on the doorstep using paper forms and then carrying them around with them. These forms will not be secure and could be stolen at any time. In addition, the number of times you are being tasked with physically writing out to an elector/household is increasing, so your print, postage and administration costs will increase and your ability to “track and trace” each elector will only become more resource intensive.

Particip8 software delivers functionality that would take other suppliers years to develop and deploy. Benefit from the technology leader now, backed by the best support in the industry – Demand Democracy Counts.

Canvassing System Feature Comparison of Particip8 Vs Xpress Door to Door

Click here to download a PDF of the comparison table

Choose Xpress for 50 tablets andoverspend your budget by £125,000 per year in direct costs and £100,000 in lost efficiencies

We think it’s a clear choice. See the 34 reasons above!

We guarantee that our solution will have more useful features, perform faster and be more user friendly than any of our competitors AND you will always get the out of hours support when you need it. It’s all part of the service.

Particip8 Technical Specification

Particip8 Data Diagram

Particip8 Videos

See what Bedford have to say about our innocative tablet solution.

Keith Simmons - Bedford Borough Council