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Membership Ballots

Returning Officer and Ballot Services

As a leading provider of electoral services our experienced team also offer a broad range of Returning Officer, ballot, and scrutiny services, all supported by our market leading technology, world class customer support, and accredited data security standards delivering accurate, robust and transparent results.

Speak to us for ballot services you and your members can trust.

Our services include:

  • Housing Association Board elections
  • Tenant Ballots
  • NHS Governors’ elections
  • LSVT ballots
  • SSVT ballots
  • ALMO ballots
  • TMO/EMB ballots
  • Tenant Board elections
  • Trade Unions Membership Scrutiny
  • General Secretary elections
  • Industrial Action ballots
  • Union recognition ballots
  • Political Parties and Membership Organisations Leadership elections
  • Membership votes
  • Committee elections
  • Referendums
  • Leadership or board elections
  • Employee representative elections
  • Proxy voting
  • Independent scrutiny of an AGM
  • Election of pension scheme trustees
  • Community consultations
  • Independent audience vote verification

For more information, contact Democracy Counts on 01925 320888 or via email at sales@democracycounts.co.uk