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Audit, Assurance & Scrutiny

As recognised experts in the electoral process, we are ideally placed to give you the level of assurance and confidence in your own processes, procedures and electoral events.

We have expanded our own Quality Management System, audited under ISO 9001, 27001 and 22301, to include ‘model rules’ for electoral practices and operations (technical and business process) in the execution of elections. This means we are able to provide you with bench marking, audit and documentary support for you to re-imagine or continuously improve your own processes.

As practitioners we can help you map out your processes, timings and responsibilities in order to deliver fair and transparent results in which you and your electorate can have complete confidence.

We operate using Prince2 Project Management standards and so provide you with full project and risk plan.

We will use a range of methods to collect information and verify your results from direct observation and meetings, through to information analysis and interviews as well as talking to stakeholders in your supply chain. You can be assured of a comprehensive, thorough and discreet service with a detailed scrutiny report, that will give you the confidence that you require.

For more information, contact Democracy Counts on 01925 320888 or via email at sales@democracycounts.co.uk