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Democracy Counts are the front runners in leading the EMS systems for the future. They are lightyears ahead of other EMS systems out there at the present time.

John Huck - Barrow

My team appreciate the assistance that you and your colleagues provide in respect of both Elector8 and ElectorScan. Your input and assistance in respect of the process contributed greatly to the smooth running of the whole election process. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Sandra Black - Renfrewshire

Their software is very quick and Easy to use and is backed by great service. Their tools are unique in the industry and are a great way to save unnecessary postage.


Normally we are quite pressurised in our working environment in the run up to an election and I think this will make such a difference to the administration of the elections.

Carolyn Given - Inverclyde

What can I say - the service and expertise was outstanding!

Katherine Elliot - Creetown

I can’t recommend Democracy Counts more, their service was proactive, professional and comprehensive and I look forward to working with them again.


Your products really get us excited as we can see all the possibilities for process improvement.

North Lanarkshire

Want to change your EMS?

Is the service under strain. Want to be a big fish? Come swim in our pond.


Particip8 is our newest, most innovative product designed to make your canvassing problems go away.

The Government’s Service Standard

"Digital By Default" is fully supported by Democracy Counts.


With IER now live, click the link to the Government Digital Service website to find out more about registering to vote.

ElectorScan 7

Find out what's new in our brand new version of ElectorScan.

NHS Trusts

We have assisted our clients with new model election rules allowing them to manage their elections electronically.


Click here to learn more about the Association of Electoral Administrators